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  • Cigar and Coffee Pairings

    Cigar and Coffee Pairings

    Cigars have long been associated with alcoholic beverages when it comes to pairings, rarely coffee. But its similarities to coffee in both depth of taste and earthy flavours can lay the foundations for an even more satisfying combination. Like cigars, coffees are agricultural products grown from the ground. The beans are flavoured by the soil, […]

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  • How to Store You Cigar without Humidifier?

    How to Store You Cigar without Humidifier?

    Cigars are made of rolled, fermented and dried tobacco leaves.  These leaves are harvested from tropical environments. To protect the quality of your smoke retaining the moisture balance of the leaves is key. The most common and effective means of retaining the appropriate moisture balance is a humidor, basically a humidity-controlled space which can monitor […]

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  • What Factors Influence the Price of Cigars?

    What Factors Influence the Price of Cigars?

    At the most basic level, cigars are a collection of rolled, dried and fermented leaves. How then do they become so expensive?   Like any other product, many factors influence the price of cigars. Those factors include their rich history, contemporary supply and demand, craftsmanship and taxation. Let’s start with history. According to history books, […]

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  • New website features

    New website features

    You may have noticed that we recently launched a new website. “But why?” you might ask. “The old site was great!” This is true, but it also had its limitations.

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