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The Story Behind Guantanamera

Guantanamera is a Cuban cigar brand operated by Habano SA, the state-owned Cuban cigar company. The name Guantanamera comes from the title of a famous Cuban folk song of the same name, composed by Joseito Fernandez in 1928. This song was widely performed throughout Cuba, especially in the 1960s, and became representative of Cuban culture.

Though Guantanamera was first established as a cigar brand in the US in 1997, the Cuban counterpart was created soon after, officially launching to the public in October of 2002. The Cuban Guantanamera operates as a completely separate entity to the US company under the state-owned company Habanos SA.

About Guantanamera Cigars

 Though most Cuban cigars are produced with tobacco from the famed Vuelta Abajo region, Guantanamera cigars utilise tobacco from the Vuelta Arriba region. This is the 2nd most important tobacco-growing region in Cuba, situated in the middle of Cuba. Aside from the tobacco, Guantanamera cigars also differ from most Cuban cigars in that they are “mecanizado”, which means that they are machine-made.

Because of these differences, Guantanamera cigars come at a much lower price point than most Cuban cigars. As a result, Guantanamera cigars offer an accessible way for people to experience authentically Cuban cigars at a fraction of the usual price point.

How Do Guantanamera Cigars Taste

These machine-made cigars are known for encasing mild blends that feature a slightly tannic and harsh flavour. However, they are comparatively light cigars, especially when compared to other Cubans. Since these cigars are long with large diameters, they also provide an easy draw for the smoker.

Guantanamera Cristales

The Cristales is known as the best-selling cigar from this Cuban brand. It is especially favoured because it comes individually packaged in plastic tubes, but it also has great flavour. As a lighter cigar with a mellow and smooth palate accompanied by a touch of spice, the Cristales is well-suited for beginners or those who are just getting into Cuban cigars. Its light smoke has a woodsy aroma with hints of white pepper and other spices.

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