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S.T. Dupont 20801B L1 Initial Quadri Gold Bronze


The new Initial has no trouble taking its place in the long line of iconic S.T.Dupont lighters. Seventy-years after S.T.Dupont created the first luxury petrol lighter, which would forever be associated with the brand, this new “Flame Holder” bears all the hallmarks of a “Dupont”: the parallelepipedal shape, the perfect combination of the body shaped by the Faverges silversmiths, the unique lighting action and the instantly recognizable ring of the lighter cap when it is opened.

S.T. Dupont Initial Ligne Lighter

Finish: Golden Bronze

Name: Quadrillage

Unique Features: Contemporary Design with the S.T. Dupont name engraved on the top of the lid.


Brand:  S.T. Dupont

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