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Falcon bowl – Dover Smooth


The Falcon Dover bowl features a wide and tapered bowl with a slight kink half way up the bowl. The walls are thick and help keep the bowl cool in your hands while smoking. Looks great on the bent shapes and also at home on the curved. Finished with a smooth brown stain, the colours can vary sometimes and occasionally come in a dark reddish walnut.  The Aluminium body helps to condense the smoke, keeping the smoke cool and smooth. While a moisture trap under the bowl known as the “Humidome”, keeps the tobacco try and removes the bitterness towards the end of the smoke.

Material : Briar
Shape : Dover
Finish : Smooth
Bowl Height : 32mm
Bowl Width : 37mm
Chamber Width : 22mm
Chamber Depth : 22mm
Bowl Weight : 21grams

Brand:  Falcon

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