Your Guide to Flavoured Cigars

Flavoured cigars offer cigar smokers a uniquely charming smoke through warm provisions of familiar flavours. As most flavoured cigars have been curated to match a specified taste, flavoured cigars have the benefit of being a great introduction to new cigar smokers. Flavoured cigars are not only ideal for new smokers, but also are commonly embraced by existing cigar connoisseurs and aficionados. Find out more about flavoured cigars by reading on.


Cigars for those who have a sweet tooth
If you’re the type of person who always saves room for dessert, you’ll love trying flavoured cigars that have been inspired by chocolate, vanilla, and cherry. There are even cigars that have been inspired to taste like sweets and lollies. Many cigar-lovers who also love to snack on sweet and sour candies, find it incredible to be able to mix the two experiences through a candy-flavoured cigar. Want to try one out for yourself? Try a Carribbean Sweet (RRP $31.00 for a pack of 5). To uncover the full range of sweet-tasting cigars, visit us at our store!


Take your caffeine addiction to another level
Do your colleagues, friends and family constantly ask you how many coffees you’ve had within a single day? You’ll enjoy trying a coffee flavoured cigar. Wind down after a busy day at work by indulging in a coffee-infused cigar. If smoking a cigar designed specifically for coffee-lovers sounds like something that you’d love to try, we recommend the Café Crème Coffee Filter 8s (RRP $17.00 for a pack of 8).


There’s rum in this cigar!
Rum is another popular flavour amongst flavoured cigar enthusiasts. When you smoke a rum-infused cigar, you’ll instantly be brought to a place of peace and paradise. The rum taste in these cigars will make your smoking experience surprisingly smooth and spicy. Once you light up a rum-flavoured cigar, you won’t want happy hour to end. For a rum-infused cigar that you’ll fall in love with, try the Tatiana Rum Tube (RRP $30.00)


At Alexanders Cigar Merchants, we not only stock the most trusted and reliable cigar brands, such as La Aurora and Tatiana, we also provide our customers with an extensive range in flavoured cigars. Whether you enjoy sweeter tasting cigars that taste precisely like honey, or like more distinctive tasting cigars, like the ones found in our cherry-flavoured assortment, our friendly team can make sure that your cigar choice meets your specific preferences in flavour. Visit us at our store to discover our full range of flavoured cigar offerings!

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