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Which Female Celebrities Love Cigars Most 

Name the most famous cigar smokers of all time? Got a few in mind? Are you thinking of Winston Churchill or Clint Eastwood; perhaps Orson Wells or Mark Twain?                                                                                  

Odds are you’re thinking of a man but cigar smoking has a proud history amongst its female enthusiasts as well.

One of the great cinematic icons of her generation, Marlene Dietrich refused to be confined to a stereotype. Her reputation as a rebel seemed to do her little harm however: she was the highest-paid actress of her time and remains an archetype of glamour to this day.

Women that love cigars

And women that love cigars continue to stand out in the pantheons of contemporary celebrity. Demi Moore and Sigourney Weaver, Elle Macpherson and Heidi Klum, not to mention Madonna and Sharon Stone, all these are women known for style and independence.

“A cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images.” said George Sand.

An intellectual and writer George Sand’s real name was Amantine Dupin. In a less permissive time, Sand wrote under a male nom-de-plume, sometimes dressing in men’s clothes to avoid the necessity of playing the quiet and submissive role assigned to her by society. The George Sand Smoker Society today comprises a passionate collection of female cigar enthusiasts, appreciating the barriers she broke, in society and literature alike.

In fact, as women continue to break down barriers of convention, there is a small but rapidly-growing collection of female aficionados, devotees and evangelists. With good reason. According to recent discoveries in neuroscience, women have a more nuanced sense of smell than their male counterparts. Given the critical role the olfactory palette plays in the cigar appreciation experience, it is hardly surprising that there are many high-profile female cigar lovers.

For some women, the elegance of a cigar is important. If so, a Petite Corona may be the best choice. Then again, Whoopi Goldberg is frequently seen with a Toro gripped rakishly in her teeth.

For most though, taste is of the utmost importance. As with other acquired and developing tastes, such as wine and whisky, flavour and aroma are a matter of personal preference and there are bold and experimental palettes to be found amongst men and women alike.

Rushing up to meet demand are a new breed of female cigar creators and women that love cigars. Matriarchs have presided over the great tobacco houses of South America for many years, putting their unique stamp on style and flavour. Now, as production spreads out to Central America and Miami, a new generation of female artisans have moved into creative roles. Prestigious brands such as Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia (producers of Arturo Fuente amongst others) as well as international sensations such as Flor de Selva are all presided over by women who have grown up in the industry or found their passion in adulthood.

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