What to Do with Under- or Over-Humidified Cigars

Experiencing a cigar that has been perfectly maintained is a beautiful thing – it represents the full spectrum of flavours imbued in the tobacco and burns perfectly. Experiencing a cigar that has suffered an issue with humidity can, on the other hand, be a huge disappointment – the subtleties of the cigar can be compromised, and inconsistent burning can make a cigar harder to smoke than it should be.

Even if this is the case, it is possible to remedy this issue of humidity. In this blog, we illustrate what to do if your cigar has either been under-humified or over-humidified.

What to do when your cigar has been under-humidified

An Under-humidified cigar feels hard to the touch, unlike a properly humidified cigar. This stiffness can lead to the cigar cacking or splitting at the point where the cap is cut, and dryness can result in the cigar burning faster. This is not too uncommon, as improperly maintained cigars at a tobacco shop or long shipping times can lead to an inevitable dry out.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix – having under-humidified cigars rest in a humidor for 2 weeks allows for the delicate balance to be restored in your cigar.

What to do when your cigar has been over-humidified

An over-humidified cigar is best recognised for the often-frustrating burn and lighting issues that can very easily spoil the smoking experience.

Over-humidified cigars are a bit harder to manage than under-humidified cigars, but it is by no means impossible to fix your cigar. Opening your humidor for small increments at a time so as to not release all humidity is the ideal way to rebalance humidity in the problem cigars, although we only recommend doing this in hour long increments to ensure your humidity levels are maintained.

Cedar blocs are also a great alternative to absorb humidity in the humidor, as cedar slowly and naturally absorbs and releases humidity. Cedar blocks are thus ideal in scenarios where you cannot regularly open and close your humidor.

Maintaining the perfect humidity

Applying the right humidity to your cigars can be considered an art due to potentially inconsistent humidor setups. To make sure that your cigars remain at the ideal humidity, don’t fill up your humidor too much (as this can lead to under-humidification) and don’t leave too much space in the humidor (which has the potential to result in over-humidification).

If you have any more questions about regulating humidity or managing improperly maintained humidity in your cigars, get in touch with Mr Cigarman today!



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