Touch of Class: Selecting the Right Humidor for Your Cigars

Humidors are a beautiful craft: they are a charming addition to a centuries long pastime, and you can tell a lot about someone’s choice in cigar and the extent of their enthusiasm through the cabinet in which they hold their pieces. It can be hard to know what kind of humidor is best suiting for you and how you would like to hold your cigars, and the number of cigars you would like to hold in your collection.

Read on for a few tips on selecting the perfect humidor for your collection.

What style suits you best? 

There are many different styles of humidor: there are the classic cylinder, timber boxes for small, personal collections, which can easily be held on your coffee table, there are the taller models with multiple draws, which look great either standing upright on the floor, or on top of a bench in a tobacconist, and then of course there are great walk in humidors for either the serious (and extremely well-to-do) collector or for an elegant cigar store.

You have to decide which style suits you and the location you wish to place the humidor best. Would you like one for your small, personal collection, neatly situated on your bedside drawers? Or do you like to entertain friends and enjoy cigars over a cup of coffee? If so, you may require a larger, more decorative display cabinet so that you can easily view your collection and which cigars you may like to enjoy with your friends.

There are also numerous decorations and materials that are used for humidors: if you search hard enough, you are bound to find a piece that perfectly reflects your interests and personality. After all, a humidor is quite a personal keepsake, and therefore should reflect its owner.

Are you a worldly traveller with an eye for the sea? You can find many compass decorated humidors, or if you have a taste for grandeur, you can find large antique tower cabinets that could become the centrepiece of a living area.

Of course, you should select based on the extent of your collection 

Whilst it is great to shop around and find all the wonderful styles of cabinets available on the market, you still have to be realistic. It is important that you select a humidor that matches the size of your cigar collection.

If you purchase a tower cabinet and only have a select handful of cigars in your collection, you would probably want to get stocking up quick, or that beautiful piece of woodwork you bought will essentially be going to waste.

Purchasing a beautiful cigar cabinet is a great experience but it is very important that you be practical. If you like cigars but can’t see yourself becoming a full-blown connoisseur it may be wise to purchase a personal humidor to be placed on the bedside drawer or coffee table, they are a charming little addition to a home and will keep your cigars moist and ready to be enjoyed.

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