The Top 10 Cigar Accessories Every Cigar Smoker Needs

So, you’ve just started smoking cigars and don’t know where to begin when it comes to cigar accessories. Fear not! We have curated a list of the top 10 essential cigar accessories for every cigar smoker, no matter what smoking experience or age. The following accessories on this list are essential to allow for you to have a truly relaxing, stylish and effortless cigar smoke. Ready to find out which cigar accessories are vital for ensuring a wonderful cigar experience? Read on.


Humidors are crucial to ensuring that your cigar collection is well maintained. What is a humidor? They are boxes or rooms that control the levels of humidity and climate within their storage space. Because cigars are susceptible to mould if they are not kept within safe humidity environments, storing your cigars within a humidor is essential.
1. Cigarman’s Mahogany Humidor 40s (RRP $345.00)
2. HM 810-028 Humidor Carbon Fibre 50 count (RRP $495.00)


When it comes to cutting your cigar, it’s important that your cigar cutter works for you and leaves a snip that is solid and secure. Smoking a cigar that has not been cut effectively will increase your chances of an uneven burn, meaning that you may have to continually touch up your cigar. There are 4 main sorts of cigar cutters – scissor cutters, v-cutters, cigar punches and guillotine cutters. Guillotine cutters are the most effective cigar cutters and are the most commonly used.
3. Xikar 100GD Xi1 Gold cutter (RRP $99.95)
4. Willchar 661119 Silver Guillotine (RRP $89.95)


Just like with cigar cutters, your range of lighters is vast and can be confusing, especially for those just starting their cigar smoking journeys. As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to use butane lighters because they don’t negatively affect your cigar’s flavouring and taste.
5. S.T. Dupont 27713 Slim Shiny Chrome (RRP $360.00)
6. Tonino Lamborghini TTR012007 Lynx Black / Red Torch flame (RRP $129.95)


Ashtrays are an essential cigar accessory, as they provide for you a safe space to hold your cigar and store any excess ash. When choosing an ashtray, you must ensure that it is constructed from a fire retarded substance that is also heat-resistant.
7. Xikar 428XIWH White Ceramic Ashtray (RRP $79.95)
8. Cohiba WLA-0092 Ashtray (RRP $89.95)


Travel Case
If you plan to bring your cigars with you onboard a plane, ship or on the road, it’s critical to make sure that your cigars are safely stored whilst you are in transit.
9. Xikar 205XI (RRP $49.95)
10.  Xikar 225XI (RRP $119.96).


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