The Different Ways to Light Your Cigar

When it comes to perfecting the art of lighting up your cigar, the most important feature is to ensure that you light up your cigar’s wrapper and filler evenly. Choosing the right equipment and method in igniting your smoke is also vital in helping you ensure that your cigar experience is a pleasurable one. To find out the different ways you can light up your cigar, read on.


Ask most cigar connoisseurs and they will advise you to use a butane lighter. Butane lighters work differently from lighters that use noxious gases and petrol, as butane lighters won’t taint your cigars with a chemical taste. If you’re after a recommendation of a butane lighter that you can rely on, we suggest the Tonino Lamborghini TTR012030 (RRP $129.95). The Tonino Lamborghini is designed with a single action ignition and features a fuel level viewing window, making it no effort to know when it’s time to refuel!


Another way you can effectively light up your cigar is to use a wooden matchstick. Like butane lighters, matches do not emit any odours and therefore won’t affect the flavouring of your cigar. Lighting up with a scented candle or a petrol lighter is a big no-no, as the odours from these can alter the way your cigar was intended to taste. When you light up with a wooden match, you may find that it’ll take you a few matchsticks to successfully distribute the burn evenly. With practice and patience, lighting up using matches will become second nature! Click here to discover some simple tips on lighting your first cigar.


Create an even burn
No matter the method you choose to light up your cigar, you’ll get the most of your cigar experience if you make sure that you evenly light up all components of your cigar. In evenly lighting up your cigar, you’ll easily activate your cigar’s infused flavours in a tasteful and effortless way. Many experienced cigar smokers will find that their cigar burn may start to tilt, even when they have made great efforts to burn their cigar evenly. To learn more about how to touch up your cigar when you discover a tilt in your cigar burn, click here.


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