The Difference Between Smoking a Cigar and Smoking a Pipe

When it comes to smoking cigars and smoking with a pipe, there are multiple aspects to consider in choosing which smoking method is the most ideal for your personal tastes and preferences. Curious to discover whether you should stick to treating yourself with a pipe or switch to spoiling yourself with cigars? Find out below to see which smoking option is most suited to you.


Benefits of using a Pipe
Cost: For the most part, the per-smoke cost is a lot lower if you choose to indulge your tobacco with a pipe. Although the initial costs of purchasing a pipe will generally come at a much higher price than buying a cigar, the initial cost will be quickly offset when you compare the price of regularly purchasing cigars.

Less accessories: With each cigar experience, you are required to have a reliable cutter, lighter, ashtray and even humidor or travel case. In smoking a pipe, storing your tobacco is made easy and you are not required to have a humidor to safeguard and protect your tobacco. There is much less equipment to carry around with choosing to smoke with a pipe, which is a benefit if you are not a fan of carrying many items with you when you’re out and about.


Benefits of Cigars
Taste: A clear benefit in choosing cigars over smoking tobacco in a pipe is that cigars will provide you with endless flavour options for you to explore. Looking to find out more about the full range of cigar flavours available? Get in touch with Alexanders Cigar Merchants!

Less effort: In looking after a pipe, you will need to make sure that you are proactive in the way you maintain it. Regular cleanings and pipe tinkering is needed to keep your pipe in a functioning state. While cigar smoking, and pipes require you to practice and discover which techniques are the most enjoyable for you, cigars are simpler to smoke. To smoke a cigar, essentially all is required is to cut both ends, light one end and smoke the other. Learning to smoke tobacco in a pipe is much more complex but can be much more rewarding if mastered correctly!


Which one is better?
That comes down to personal preference! Discover our full range of pipes by visiting our store or browsing through our online range. Our small family business will walk you through which cigars and piping accessories are most suited to your individual tastes and smoking habits. Contact our friendly team of cigar experts to find out more about our collection of rare and limited-edition cigars and cigar accessories! We look forward to hearing from you!

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