Techniques to Enjoy Your Cigar Even More

While smoking a cigar is an enjoyable experience in and of itself, here are a couple techniques to bring your next smoking affair to the next level. Whether you have your own personal technique to smoking a stogie or are wanting to try out new ways of smoking, read on to discover the techniques that not all cigar smokers know about.


Use a cutter that’s right for your choice of cigar
Depending on what type of cigar you’re indulging in, you will be able to reap a greater smoking experience if you use a cutter that is appropriate for your cigar and is in mint condition. If your cigar cutter is covered with rust, it’s probably time that you invest into something new so that your cigars aren’t tainted with salty flavouring. For smokers that prefer their cigars to have a smaller ring gauge, a guillotine cutter would be your best option, we recommend the Xikkar 209BK2 Cutter (RRP $89.95). Discover what sort of cutter would bring you the most benefit by visiting us in store.


Gently tap your cigar to get rid of any loose tobacco leaves
After you’ve cut your cigar, and before you light it up, gently tap your cigar on a table to get rid of any extra bits of loose tobacco. Ensure that you tap the end of the cigar that you intend to light up and not the mouth. The benefit of tapping the end of your cigar, before you light up, is that you will be able to proactively get rid of extra tobacco particles that may otherwise burn your skin, furniture or flooring.


Ways to keep your cigar burn even
To increase the chances in keeping your cigar burning consistently and without any unwanted angles, we recommend that you slightly turn your cigar after each drag. In frequently changing the positioning of your cigar between each smoke, you are better able to control the even distribution of your cigar burn. Read this to find out more tips on how to touch up your cigar.

Do you want to learn more cigar smoking tips to optimise your smoking experiences? Visit us at our store! Our store is family-owned and we aim to provide our customers with services and cigar tips that are catered specifically to enhance your personal enjoyment. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us online or call (03) 9827 1477.

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