Smoky Soiree: Cigar Games for Your Next Cocktail Party

Cigars are a timeless edition to any social gathering. Whether it be a formal celebration or a relaxing catch up with friends, the humble cigar can always be relied upon to enhance social enjoyment and provide that extra element of pleasure. One thing that people love to do when enjoying a cigar with friends is play a game that revolved around the cigar itself. People have their favourites the world over, and some games are more prominent on a global scale than others. Regardless of your choice, nothing can beat a bit of friendly competition to add to the experience of enjoying a fine cigar.

Alexanders has put together a little list of games you can enjoy whilst smoking, read below.

The games 

  1. Longest Ash: A simple yet effective game that merits its fair share of bragging rights, Longest Ash is pretty much what its name says it is: smoke your cigar in a way that it can create the largest length of ash before falling and whoever’s is the longest wins. It might sound oddly phallic, but it’s a fair bit of fun when enjoying a cigar with friends.
  2. Smoke Rings: Another self-explainer, but a good load of fun nonetheless. You basically utilise your skills in creating full, bold smoke rings as a means of showing off (to be honest). However, to amplify this little game, you can turn into a bit more of a competition by blowing a ring and then blowing more through it. The one who blows the most rings through the original ring wins bragging rights.
  3. French Inhale: Take a great pull, one of the ultimate pulls, say the best one you have ever taken. You then allow the smoke to slowly exit your mouth and up across the top of your lip. You then inhale the smoke through the nose and exhale. This is a great little trick to do by yourself as, there aren’t many ways you can make a competition out of it. However, it looks cool and shows how skilful a cigar aficionado you are, so enjoy.

Like the sound of these three fun cigar smoking games? Then feel free to keep on top of these tips and more from Alexanders. We’re constantly updating our blog and catalogue, including our repertoire of cigars, humidors, and cutters – feel free to browse.

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