The Significance of Cigar Shapes

Cigars are a great pastime and can be enjoyed in many settings. Whether having coffee at a friend’s home or at a black-tie event, the humble cigar has built a reputation for providing an enjoyable way to relax or celebrate, and they continue to be enjoyed the world over. It is important for one who is not yet an aficionado to gain an understanding of the differing shapes of cigar in order to find out what style they will like.

Naturally cigar specifications vary brand to brand, so it is necessary to explaining a cigars shape as well as its size is necessary to understanding the stogie itself.

We here at want to help people understand the different sizes and shapes of the cigar, read on to find out the different specifications of this timeless enjoyment.’

Some popular shapes

Corona – Probably the most well-known shape, a corona usually measures at 51/2 to 6 inches in length and with a ring gauge (diameter) of 42 to 44 of an inch.

Petit Corona – The corona’s baby brother, this slightly more, well petit cigar features dimensions of 4 ½ inches in length and a ring gauge typically 40/42 of an inch.

Corona Gorda – Steadily earning itself a reputation as a worldwide stogie, the Corona Gorda contains a typically contains a thicker ring gauge than its standard and Petit variations. A little bit shorter than the Corona at 5 5/8 inches long but can have a gauge of 46.

Double Corona – A big daddy of a cigar, this popular shape is longer and has a greater ring gauge than most, measuring in at around 7 inches by a 49 to 52 ring gauge.

Churchill – Another cigar on the larger side, this cigar, made famous by its historical enjoyer of fine cigars, contains dimensions of 7-inch length and a 47-ring gauge. For showing off power, like the big boss himself.


There are seven main colour ranges for cigars, with each colour being defined by the method in which the wrapper was produced and the type of tobacco used for the cigar. For example, a wrapper that receives less sunlight during its growth period may have a lighter colour than that of a leaf that receives plenty of sun. They range from double claro (clear) which is light in colour, to obscuro (obscure), where the plant is left for as long as possible only the top of the tobacco plant is used to create the dark, rough wrapper.

There you have an introduction to the world’s more recognisable and enjoyed styles of cigar. At, we carry cigars of all shapes and sizes, simply browse through our range and get in contact with our friendly team of staff if you need any help deciding on a style that is right for you.

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