Reasons Why You Should Pair Your Cigar with a Drink

It’s not rare to come across the popular image of a person smoking a cigar in one hand, whilst sipping on a glass of liquor, using the other hand. The dream pairing of cigars and alcohol is something that has been popularised in modern culture, but does this pairing taste as attractive as it looks? Mr. Cigarman thinks so.

It Takes a Long Time to Perfect the Taste in Cigars and Alcoholic Drinks
Previously, we shared information about the tobacco fermentation process. We discovered how intricate the process is in making the perfect cigar and that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to get the natural flavouring at a desirable level. Fermenting alcohol is very similar in that the distilling process is also very time consuming and is quite laborious. Pairing alcohol and cigars is such a rewarding experience because both are filled with incredible flavours.


Escape the Cold by Matching a Cigar with Some Rum
Whenever it’s cold outside, it’s always a good idea to light up a cigar and sit by your fireplace. To escape the cold, envision the warm climate that you’ll find in Cuba. Many suggest matching your cigar alongside a glass of rum to feel like you’re enjoying the warmth of a Cuban Summer. When drinking rum alongside smoking a cigar, you will experience a vast array of warm feelings, sweet flavourings, as well as some spice.


At the Movies, Cigars & Drinks Pairing Signify Power
In the movies, you’ll still find an image of a powerful person, smoking a cigar whilst sipping on a glass of hard liquor, whether this drink is rum, scotch or whiskey. When pairing your cigar with a high-quality whiskey, you will be rewarded with an optimal taste experience. To read more about how to pair whiskey with cigars, click here.


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