Protecting Your Cigar Against Humidor Mould

Nothing will ruin your day more than discovering that your fresh supply of cigars has been ruined with mould! Whilst some mould-types won’t do much harm to you, it is recommended to throw away any cigars that you suspect have been affected and to clean out your humidor.

Once you have removed all the mould-infested cigars from your collection, you can clean the remaining cigars with a little bit of alcohol and a dry, clean cloth. Dry your cigars with the dry cloth and few drops of alcohol before placing them into an airtight container. Leave these cigars inside your fridge or refrigerator, keeping an eye on them to check if there is any mould growth.

It is important to watch these remaining cigars to ensure that they have not been affected by mould, as mould is something that can very easily spread undetected. If you do find any on your remaining cigars, you must throw them out to avoid potentially getting sick from inhaling harmful mould spores.

These are the ways that you can protect your cigars against humidor mould:

  1. Keep your humidor clean and away from humidity. Mould will form in environments where humidity levels rise above 70 per cent. It also helps to keep your cigars mould-free by making sure that your humidor is a hygienic space – if you spot mould developments on your humidor’s wood, be sure to remove it of all cigars and drench your humidor in isopropyl alcohol. If you are afraid of damaging your humidor, try diluting the alcohol you use. Be sure to remove any remnants of alcohol from your humidor before you use it to store your cigars.
  2. Frequently check your cigar collection and rotate each cigar on a regular basis. Rotating your cigars will assist in removing potential moisture and build up from staying in the same position for long periods of time.
  3. Let your cigars breathe by leaving your humidor open for a few minutes once a week. You’ll be able to monitor and prevent mould spores from growing if you open your humidor for a couple of minutes within a week. If you do this however, you must remember to close your humidor, as leaving your humidor will cause your cigars to dry out. If you’re going away on holiday, it is advised to stop moisturising the unit a month before you leave in order to avoid any excess humidity. If you take your humidifying unit out when you are away, your cigars will be fine in your humidor for up to 3 weeks!

If you have actioned the above and are still finding that your cigars are continuing to grow mould, maybe it’s time to investigate getting a new humidor. For some professional advice about picking the right humidor for you, come into Alexanders Cigar Merchants for a tailored consultation.

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