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Alfred Dunhill NWD3513 Rollerball Sentryman Palladium – SALE


A contemporary carbon fibre and a Deco style engraved white metal;Diamond pattern engine turning on barrel and cap, and brass with palladium plated finish;System: Rollerball with capping system.  Sentryman is the latest collection of writing instruments from Alfred Dunhill. Bold, straightforward and masculine, Dunhill Sentryman´s simplistic design lends it a modern approach, while its defining detail is inspired from Britain´s traditional pillar boxes. Rollerball pens are a modified type of ballpoint pen. The water or gel-based ink passes through a ball set into the tip of the pen and they require less pressure to make a mark. And since the ink is not oil-based, the handwriting has more of the look of a fountain pen but with the ease of a ballpoint pen.

RRP  $825.00

Brand:  Alfred Dunhill
Origin:  UK

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