Picking the Best Cigar to Gift for Father’s Day

Cigars are a great way to show your dad or husband that you value them and want them to recognise how much you care. Make this Father’s Day a special celebration by gifting your dad with a cigar that will make him feel like he is on top of the world. For those who are fresh to the world of cigars, choosing a cigar to gift a loved one can be rather tricky! Here are some tips to help guide you in picking the best cigar and cigar accessories for your dad or husband.


Go to a dedicated tobacconist
If you’ve decided that you want to get your dad a cigar for Father’s Day, make sure that you visit a dedicated tobacconist and avoid purchasing your cigar from any 7/11s or local supermarkets. When you visit a dedicated tobacconist, you are more likely to get service and products that are of high quality. Many cigars sold at the supermarkets and at 7/11 vendors are not as flavoursome and have been infused with preservatives that limit how smooth your smoke is. To get your dad a cigar that is rich in flavour and is reliable, make sure that you visit a serious tobacconist.


Limited Editions
Does your dad have an avid fascination with cigars and takes pleasure in collecting rare cigars? A limited edition cigar option may be the way to win your father’s heart. We love the Arturo Fuente Opus X 20th Anniversary collection! This limited edition collection was designed to celebrate and honour Arturo Fuente’s history and tradition. The collection’s intricate design is unique to all previous Opus X releases. Spoil dad this Father’s Day and gift him with these beautifully curated cigars that known as being some of the finest in the world. We stock single packs and packs of 20 of Power of the Dream, Believe, God’s Whisper and Father & Son.

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