The Longest Yard: How to Create the Largest Ash

Creating a lengthy ash is an interesting element of smoking a cigar. Although the length of the ash will not have a positive or adverse effect on how the cigar smokes and tastes, for purely aesthetic purposes and for the enjoyable challenge of attempting to create a longer ash, it’s something that can’t hurt to be mastered. They even have a competition for who can create the longest ash at the annual cigar festival in Havana, Cuba. For aficionados, creating a longer as is something of bragging rights. Alexanders has put together a little guide to how you can win the competition and have a straight, prominent ash at the end of your cigar.

It’s all about technique 

Creating a long, unbending ash on your cigar is not necessarily rocket science, but it does require some skill and finesse. There are certain techniques that need to be followed to ensure that your ash is the one rolling from its head to its foot. The first thing to do: smoke it vertically. Tilt your head back and have the cigar facing upwards, this is where physics come into play. Naturally, the cigar ash somewhere to remain still and build up on itself. This is as opposed to if you were smoking it the normal way, in which case the ash would simply drop off after it started to build. You only have to do this once the ash starts to gain length, say two inches. Remember to wear glasses if taking on this technique, if unfortunately, the ash happens to topple down into your face, you don’t want that flaky grey stuff washing around your eyes.

You may want to rotate the cigar depending on how it burns, and smoke quick, muted puffs to ensure its not building a head too quickly which may leave it open to topping over.

Choose a good cigar 

You also need a well-wrapped, fine quality cigar to ensure that the leaves aren’t loose and will simply topple once turned to ash. The finer the cigar, the longer the ash, simple. Also, if it is poorly wrapped, the wrap itself might impede on the ash once it has begun to form, so make sure you have a goodie for attempting this competition. We have plenty here at Alexanders, feel free to browse our exceptional range of some of the world’s finest cigars and create your lasting ash.

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