Know the Difference: Cuban and Dominican Cigars

If you have ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer hires a group of Dominicans posing as Cubans to roll cigars for a get-rich-quick-scheme, where the plan ultimately fails due to the men being Dominican and not Cuban, then you might have the faintest idea that there is a difference between Cuban and Dominican cigars. This is not to discredit the Dominican, as cigar connoisseurs have their own preference, it is just to say that they are different.

There are many aspects that distinguish a Cuban cigar from its Dominican counterpart. The two nations have long been at the forefront of the cigar manufacturing industry, and there is hot debate as to which island nation produces the finest quality tobacco. Whilst the lines of production have been blurred in modern times, with manufacturers in both nations often sourcing their tobacco from neighbouring countries before producing the final product within either country, there are still some distinguishable points between a Cubano and a Dominicana.

Authenticity or Quality? 

Whilst it is well known that Dominican producers have given their Cuban counterparts a real run for their money over the years, the authenticity and at times elusive nature of the Cuban cigar is something cigar aficionados have gone back for time and time again. However, the quality of Dominican cigars is something that has put their name forward as the greatest competitor of the Cuban, and this is largely in part of the influx of Cuban cigar manufacturers to the neighbouring country during the Socialist Revolution of the 1950s.

Many Cuban manufacturers, fearing for the livelihood of their businesses after the revolution, hopped of the DR in the hope of maintaining their business, and succeeded. Their influence in production still holds its place in the DR, and the cigar factory at La Romana is now the world’s largest producer of quality tobacco. One label that stood out as a premium Dominican cigar throughout the revolution and trade embargo was Montecristo, and the label still produces some of the world finest cigars to date.

So, whilst the aura of the Dominican cigar doesn’t carry the same effect as the elusive and highly authentic, Castro-puffed Cuban, the quality of their work is on-par and for many aficionados even surpasses that of the Cuban tobacco.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, and you can find many labels from each nation on our online store, feel free to have a browse.

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