What You Should Know About Long Cigar Ash

Have you ever seen a cigar that has kept its shape almost completely while it burns? This is called a ‘long cigar ash’. You don’t need a particular type of cigar to create a long ash, although some are better than others at maintaining the cigar’s shape once it has turned to ash. It’s a technique; a challenge, in fact.

Seem like a whole big deal for not much reward? Here’s why smokers do it:

Play It Cool

By filtering our incoming air, a long cigar ash can help your cigar burn cooler. This is said to enhance flavour as well.

Make an Impression

As we know, cigar smoking has long been associated with class and superiority. A long cigar ash is also a display of the quality of the cigar, as the longer and tighter the ash, the more precisely it was rolled. The colour of the ash is also an indication of quality. Rich, mineral soils will produce leaves that burn into a white ash. This is the desired look when it comes to comparing ash colours.

Size Does Matter

The more structured the cigar, the better the ash will maintain its shape, so big ring gauge cigars are your best bet to get a thick, shapely ash. A 60 gauge is probably the maximum you’d want to go before getting a little too thick to manage the weight and formation of the ash. Soft spots in the cigar will make it near impossible to keep the ash intact so make sure you check for those imperfections before you make a purchase.

Fine Dexterity

Don’t misjudge the skill one needs to wield a full-length ash. Even the slightest touch can completely destroy your horizontal tower of burnt tobacco goodness, so each movement, whether it’s a twist or a puff, needs to be slow and steady. This is not an activity to undertake if you plan on interruptions throughout the smoke as setting down the cigar could see it all crumbling down. Rotation is still paramount, as with any smoke, but the movements need to be soft and restrained.

The Gamble

This is, at its very core, a game that cigar lovers play. Its part Chicken, part Operation, as you need the precision and the gall exercised in each. At any moment, you could make a false move and the ash could come crashing down on your lap so be sure you are prepared and put in the practice before you take your new party trick out in public.

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