Keeping Them Fresh: Optimum Storage Conditions for Cigars

Cigars are delicate things, and it cannot be underestimated the care that is needed to ensure your collection stays fresh and ready to be enjoyed to the fullest. Any aficionado will tell you the same thing: cigars have to be stored properly to retain moisture and consistency, and we here at Alexanders agree wholeheartedly.

Therefore, we have compiled a little piece on the optimum ways to store your cigars so that you can enjoy them for exactly what they are, and not a dried-out stick of funny-flavoured tobacco.

Store wisely, they’re hygroscopic 

As cigars are hygroscopic, they will eventually absorb the moisture in cooler climates or dry out in warmer climates. This will continue on a downward spiral of absorption until the conditions of the cigar that match those they are situated in. To have the cigar either way is no good: a moist cigar will fail to catch alight correctly, and you will not have a hard time drawing on it but also keeping it lit. A dry cigar will burn too hot, which is unpleasant for the smoker but will also lead to the premature end of what is meant to be a lasting occasion.

Cigars that are at their peak level of enjoyment will contain somewhere between 12-14% of its weight in moisture. Therefore, it should contain humidity levels should relate to between 60-70%. The first thing you have to ensure for proper storage is that they retain those humidity levels of between 60-70%, whilst storing the cigar in conditions that fall under 23° C and in the darkness. This will ensure that your cigar is kept in a comfortable condition without the risk of drying out.

Find the right humidor and whilst you’re at it – a hygrometer 

To ensure that your cigars are kept in these dark, cooler conditions, you need to ensure that you have the right humidor. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your growing collection. They will ensure that your cigars are kept in cooler, more sustainable climates. If you are serious about the proper humidity levels of your cigar, perhaps consider purchasing a hygrometer. They are used to test the humidity levels of your cigar, and this way you can adjust the method in which you store your collection if their levels are off.

Alexanders has an extensive collection of humidors and hygrometers available for purchase at our online store, feel free to take a look.

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