John, Jack, and Ernest: Cigars Smoked by the Rich and Famous

Whilst in the modern age people have become, let’s just say, iffy about people smoking cigars, there is no denying that the aura of some of history’s most respected politicians and celebrities enjoying a fine stogie is something we can all enjoy. Images of our favourite statesmen, actors, and authors leisurely smoking a fine cigar creates that atypical look of class and sophistication, and so many of history’s great men and women have been well-known cigar connoisseurs.

We here at Alexanders have compiled a list of a few of our favourite historical cigar-lovers. Enjoy just as we do.

  1. Jack Nicholson – The mad, bad, now grandad of Hollywood, Jack Nicholson has had a career spanning over 50 years. It’s hard to look past Mad Jack for the typical rebel in film and in life, with his hard partying and womanising escapades becoming stuff of legends. With all this fine, indulgent living, it’s only natural that the big man enjoys a fine cigar. He is known to smoke (formerly) smuggled Cubans, or enjoys something from Jamaica or the Dominican Republic i.e. Macanudo Maduro.
  2. JFK – One of history’s most respected and forward thinking presidents, whose life was tragically cut short whilst in office. He loved cigars, and a colleague just informed me of a funny if not highly hypocritical story regarding Jack and the stogie. Just prior to signing the embargo on importing cigars from their Communist rival Cuba in 1962, the cigar lover secured well over 1000 Cuban cigars to be kept in his personal collection, knowing that they would soon be unavailable in his country. He probably smoked one before appearing to sign the embargo, cheeky dog.
  3. Ernest Hemingway – You can’t be one of history’s ultimate badarses without smoking a fat stogie. This being said, you also can’t use a machine gun as a fishing rod without having a fine cigar drooping from your lips as you shoot at the fish. The legendary author of a plethora of outstanding works did a lot of crazy things in his time, culminating in his untimely suicide, and he was also man who loved a cigar. Known to divide part of his time Cuba, where he had a 21-acre estate, where he no doubt enjoyed many a cigarro Cubano. Today, Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia creates a range of cigars in the big man’s honour, with names such as Best Seller, Short Story, and Masterpiece all paying tributed to the wild author.

These are three of Alexander’s favourite historical cigar smokers, you might have your own, and that’s fine, too. Whilst pondering the pleasure of these three gentlemen enjoying a stogie, feel free to browse the Alexanders website, where you will find more information about the cigar in history, and a whole range of fine cigars on offer.

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