Inhaling Cigars: What You’re Doing Wrong

Many people who aren’t familiar with the art of smoking a fine cigar will jump to the understandable conclusion that cigars are just like cigarettes. However, that could not be further from the truth. This becomes particularly problematic when it comes to inhaling the smoke. While there’s no steadfast rule, the fact is that cigar smoke is much, much stronger than the smoke you inhale from a regular cigarette. For this reason, cigar smokers fall into two categories: those who inhale and those who simply enjoy the lick of smoke curling on their tongue.

What’s the myth?

It is a wide-spread myth that you shouldn’t inhale a cigar. There is definitely no written rule that specifies this, and we can confirm that it is a widespread falsehood; however, it turns out there is some logic to the claim, as it seems to have been born of common sense.

Why shouldn’t I inhale?

Regular cigarette smokers are often inclined to inhale, but it’s not the same kettle of fish. Cigarettes are much easier to inhale as they are packed with chemical additives to cool down the smoke. This, obviously, makes anything inhaled from a cigarette easier on your lungs. On the flipside, a premium, all-natural cigar can become very hot, very quickly. The smoke from handmade cigars also tends to be far thicker than that of your average dart. This, combined with the high temperature, means that, when inhaled quickly, the smoke can send inexperienced smokers in the coughing fit of all coughing fits or, on the more serious end of the spectrum, it could seriously damage your lungs.

Will it affect the taste?

If you’re concerned about taste, the way you smoke your cigar will almost always have an impact. Cigarette smoke is intended to be inhaled fully, as the nicotine from cigarettes will absorb better in the lungs due to its acidity. Cigar smoke, on the other hand, is actually better absorbed in the mouth cavity, making inhaling less effective. This is due to the alkaline nature of the fumes. If you’re looking to fully explore the taste, inhaling will not draw out the best result.

What do the experts say?

Among long-time cigar smokers, you will generally find that the consensus is not to inhale. Connoisseurs will not recommend you do so, not only because it may be detrimental to your vital organs (your lungs) but also as it is not necessary to inhale to enjoy the flavour.

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