The Importance of Using a Quality Cigar Cutter

For cigar novices, cutters are just a pretty thing to look at when taking off the end of a poor-quality product bought at their local corner store. But for cigar aficionados a quality cutter is important in the way the cigar is enjoyed, as different mechanisms create a different cut. Naturally it is necessary to have a cutter that an at least keep the cigar intact, that’s the first step, but there are a range of cutter styles that provide different cuts for the cigar, and cut in a different way.

At Alexanders, we have cutters that come in a variety of styles. They serve a range of different purposes and all create the perfect cut for your requirements.

Read on to find out more about the cutters available at Alexanders.

Our styles 

  1. V Cutter – These special little gadgets cut a v shape at the top of the cigar, meaning there is a great amount of pull and easy draw for your cigar. They also allow the smoker to keep the cap of the cigar intact whilst smoking.
  2. Cigar Punch – The cigar punch removes a small section from the tip of the cigar, and allows for an easy draw whilst being easy to use and keeping the tip intact.
  3. Single Blade Guillotine – Simply cuts a large hole which creates for ease of drawing on the cigar but be careful to use a quick motion when cutting as a slow cut can result in a rough cut.
  4. Double Blade Guillotine – Similar to the single blade but with a crossing double blade (naturally). Also creates a large hole that can be easily drew from but like the single blade you also need to cut quickly so that it does not end up rough.
  5. Scissor Cutter – This is basically how it sounds, however the scissor cigar cutter has rounded edges and is great for cutting any shape or size of cigar, however the blades must be kept sharp as they may not provide a proper cut if blunt.

Browse our range 

So, what cutter do you think suits you best? Are you a double-bladed guillotine kind of person? Or more a cigar puncher type? We have what you need here at Alexanders, feel free to browse our range and find the style that suits you and your cigar best.

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