How to Touch Up Your Cigar

Enjoying a cigar after a hard day at work is one of the best feelings in the world. Cigars have a way of distressing us of our worries in the way that they fill our lives of musky flavours and soothing aromas. Having a cigar in your hands is almost like having a flashlight that will shine away any negative feelings. Cigar, lit in hand and everything is going well; you’re feeling fantastic until you notice that your cigar burn begins to angle and continues to tilt.  What do you do to stop this? Find the answer below!

A premium-level cigar that is well made should smoke evenly from the start to the finish. However, this is not always the case and you will sooner or later discover a cigar to have an uneven burn line. If you’ve discovered a tilt in your cigar burn, you ought to get your lighter and, using the heat from your lighter (not direct flame), you want to sculpt the cigar burn to be even again.

Here’s what you should do to successfully touch up your cigar:

  • Holding the cigar before you, switch on your lighter and attempt to heat up the parts of the cigar that have not burnt – try your best to keep the flame away from igniting the cigar. The heat ought to be strong enough to help you level out the burn. From here you can sculpt your way back to an even line using the heat from the flame. Remember to not have the flame directly touch your cigar’s wrapper, this will make you waste your cigar!
  • If unable to straighten your cigar in step one, attempt to burn the cigar by twisting it over and repeating step one until you can turn the edge of the burn into a straight line.

As a rule of thumb, if you are needing to touch up a cigar more than three times, it’s probably not worth trying to continue touching up the cigar. However, if this cigar is too good to waste, it’s worth trying to save it, but at what cost?

Still unsure of how to touch up your cigars? Come visit us at Alexanders Cigar Merchants and our friendly and professional staff will gladly help you with perfecting your cigar touch up techniques.

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