How To Sharpen Your Cutter

As you use your cigar cutter more and more, the blades will dull and become blunted, imperfections will form and it will ultimately reduce the effectiveness of your tool. These imperfections can leave jagged edges on the head of your cigar, which will change — and in most cases — hinder your smoking experience.

Which cutters can benefit from sharpening?

Firstly, you should ensure your cigar cutter is good quality. If not, it is not worth the time and effort. Low quality cutters are cheap enough that, if the blades become dull, you should really just buy a new one. If you have a good quality cutter that is giving you grief, read on.

So, how can we sharpen the blades?

While, to sharpen the blades, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional who can use a diamond stone to make the blades sharper, in many cases, the blades are just in need of a good buff. This is called “deburring” and you can perform this yourself at home.

What is deburring?

Deburring your cutter will smooth out the imperfections on the blades. Using aluminium or tin foil, we can scour the edges of your blades to ensure that any build-up of cigar oils and tobacco are removed to give your cutter its optimum slice back.

How can I deburr my cigar cutter?

This is a very simple, inexpensive way to clean and deburr your blades before deciding to employ a professional to sharpen your cigar cutter for you. This solution is temporary. You may like to repeat this process a couple of times before you eventually have your blades sharpened professionally as it is a great way to stave off the inevitable and get the most out of your blades in the interim.

You can deburr your cigar in two simple steps:

Step 1

Roll up some aluminium or tin foil into a long, thick cigar shape around 30cm long.

Step 2

Take the cutter and slice through the aluminium cigar repeatedly, making sure you snip the aluminium on every part of the blade. You may have to move the cigar around the cutter to get the maximum exposure of aluminium to blade.

What else can I do to keep my blades sharper for longer?

Staying on top of maintenance of your cigar cutter will, of course, help with the longevity of the blades. This includes cleaning your cutter regularly to remove all the gunk that builds up each time you cut a cigar. It will also help not to lick the head of your cigar before you slice it. You can also use a round wet stone as a DIY sharpening solution but we recommend, for your high-quality products, to have a professional see to it.

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