How to Put out a Cigar Properly

What most new cigar smokers will do when it’s time to put out their cigar is stub it in a similar fashion to stubbing out a cigarette. For cigar smokers that have made a habit out of stubbing out their cigars, they will soon be met with a distinct off-putting smell that can be distasteful to most people. To discover the simple method to properly putting out your cigar, keep reading.


How do most people put out their cigars?
In many tv shows and film, we only get to see cigar smokers while they’re in the middle of smoking their stogie. Very rarely do we get to see how film characters finish off their cigars. As mentioned before, a common scene included in many films across different genres is a scene with a character smoking a cigarette and then putting it out by stubbing it on an ashtray. It’s because we are so used to seeing onscreen characters stub their cigarettes that we assume that the best way to finish off a cigar is by stubbing it out.


What happens when you stub out a cigar?
For those who stub out their cigars on an ashtray, they will notice that the cigar will start to emit a displeasing smell. Why does this happen? In cigars, the filler will gather all different sorts of oils which will mix in with the cigar’s tar, and these will continue to blend as the cigar continues to burn. If you stub out your cigar, all of the confined cigar oils and tar will be let out and thus, will emit a distinct stench.


What’s the best way to end your cigar?
The greatest way to avoid the creation of an uninviting odour is to let your cigar lay to rest on one of your ashtray fingers and to allow for it to naturally go out. In letting your cigar extinguish itself out, you are saving yourself from having to deal with any unpleasant smells and bitterness from other nearby smokers. If you’re enjoying your cigar too much and don’t want it to end, another way you can finish off your cigar is to smoke your cigar stub.


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