How to Protect Your Cigars While Travelling

Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure and are looking to bring some cigars with you, it’s important to ensure that you look after your cigar collection to ensure that they don’t lose their flavour or get ruined whilst you are in transit. To effectively safeguard against your cigars going bad, follow the simple tips below. And if you’re looking for assistance with finding the right smoking accessories to protect your cigar collection, start a conversation with our team!

Store your single cigars within a case or tube that has a hard shell

Your cigars will undergo major distress if you plan on bringing them with you on a plane. Changes in air pressure and temperatures, as well as the fact that you may accidently crush your cigars whilst packing, means that you’ll need to ensure that your cigars are effectively protected. To preserve your cigars whilst flying, we suggest that you store your cigars in cases or tubes that have a hard shell. Storing your cigars within a hard case will protect your cigars from damage and make it incredibly easy for you to carry your cigars whilst on the road or in flight. For an effective protective case, we recommend the Kopp MA ZR7 Red Carbon Cigar Tube (RRP $179.95)


If travelling with multiple cigars, your best bet is to store your cigars in a travel humidor

Travel humidors are the easiest option in safeguarding your cigars if you plan on taking more than a few cigars with you on your next trip. As travel humidors effortlessly protect your cigars from any changes in moisture or temperature, they are the most ideal solution if you are bringing a handful of cigars with you and have the space available to bring a humidor. For a travel humidor that will withstand the elements, we recommend the Xikar 225XI – 18-24 Cigar Travel Humidor (RRP $119.96)


Remember to stock up on humidor bags

Humidors bags are an essential in making sure that your cigar storage maintains an ideal level of humidity. Boveda packets are the top solution in that they are specifically designed to give you control in removing or adding moisture to effortlessly control the amounts of humidity to protect your cigar from losing oils or flavours. If you would like to discover more about Boveda packs and how to best protect your cigars whilst on the road, get in touch with our friendly team.


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