How to Choose the Right Cigar for You

It’s time to pick a cigar for your next smoking affair! Whether you are smoking a cigar to celebrate or are wanting a cigar to experiment with different flavours, here are the things you should think about when picking the right cigar to indulge in.


Experience – Your experience in smoking cigars will determine your personal threshold in tobacco strength. If you’re new to cigars, you ought to look at cigars made by larger manufacturers, such as Romeo and Julieta. This is so that you will feel safer and have a less-confronting first-time experience. You can then build up your experience and try out new flavours once you feel more confident. Come into our store where we’ll give you specific advice on which cigars you ought to consider, based on your previous smoking experiences. Our friendly staff will walk you through the different cigar blends and their strengths.


Timing – How long do you intend to smoke your cigar? Your desired smoking timeframe is helpful in directing you to which cigar size, shape and gauge you should look into. If you want a shorter smoke, focus on cigars that are thinner and shorter in size.


Occasion – Special occasions may influence your decision in choosing your cigar. If you’re going to smoke your cigar at a party or a wedding, consider a more exclusive cigar. If your budget allows for it, put some thought into some vintage or limited-edition cigars. A special cigar will further enhance your experience at your event, making it more of an instance to reminisce about in the future.


Your Personal Palette – Whether you are brand new to cigars or have been casually smoking for years, choosing the right cigar for you will ultimately come down to your own personal preferences in taste and your previous smoking experiences. Just like in finding the right wine or whisky for you, your choice in cigars will reflect what flavours you prefer.


For some bespoke advice on which cigars are most suited to your specific occasion, personal tastes and smoking experience, visit us at our store! We are here to make sure that you get the most out of your cigars and enjoy trying out all of the different flavours and experiences that cigars can provide you. If unable to come to our store, give us a call on (03) 9827 1477 or send through an email – We are happy to answer any questions you have!

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