How to Best Enjoy Your Cigars in the Winter

For many of us, smoking inside is not an option. And once the cold weather hits, smoking outside seems impossible as well. Instead of giving in and just braving the cold, you may want to consider investing in a better experience.

So what do you do when the weather turns cold? Here are some best tips we’ve gathered over the years.

Find a lighter that holds up against the wind

As we have all experienced in the past, using a lighter in windy conditions can be frustrating. This is because butane lighters perform best in warm conditions. To make lighting your cigar a smooth, seamless experience, look for a jet flame lighter. They are easy to ignite and will keep its flame through any windy weather.

Our Recommendation: Tonino Lamborghini Pergusa Black Lighter $239.00

This dual-ignition, single-flame lighter from Tonino Lamborghini is designed to be wind-resistant. Conveniently, it comes with a cigar punch and can be ignited with a flick of your finger. Use it once, and you won’t want to venture out again without it.


Get a wind-proof ashtray

Nothing shows more preparedness for smoking in the winter than a wind-proof ashtray. One with a heavy base and a deep bowl will ensure that your cigar ashes stay put.

Our Recommendation: Stinky 4 Stick Tall Jet Black Ashtray $69.95

This stainless steel ashtray from Stinky is all the right things – heavy, deep and easy to clean. Its 4-finger design and generous size make it perfect for sharing outside. Plus, you can use it all day without emptying it!


Transport your cigars in style

When the weather is unpredictable, it is even more important to protect your cigars. But, cigar containers can often feel like extra bulk when added on to an already heavy outfit. Solution: Look for a cigar container made with a lightweight but strong material.

Our Recommendation: Kopp Black Carbon Case 3 Finger $199.95

This minimalistic case carries 3 cigars – just enough to enjoy with a group of friends. Made with pure carbon, it is extremely durable and light at the same time. It weighs just 30 grams, so you’ll barely notice it in your coat pocket!


Invest in a medium-weight cigar cutter

Proper cigar cutting is essential to enjoying any cigar’s full potential. So finding a dependable and well-designed cigar cutter is key. Many cigar aficionados own several, varying from compact and thin cutters to more robust and heavy ones. But for wintertime enjoyment, your best bet would be to find one that has elements of both.

Our Recommendation: Palio Matte Black Cigar Cutter $79.95

This particular cutter is extra-precise, ergonomically balanced and heavy-duty. Engineered with state-of-the-art polymers, this outdoor smoking essential will last you a lifetime.


Pick out a winter-perfect cigar

There’s no better time than winter to enjoy a spicy, rich and plummy cigar that may remind you of Christmas pudding. Maduros are natural choices for this climate. The extra fermentation on Maduro wrappers can bring much-needed warmth and richness to your experience.

 Our Recommendation: La Aurora 107 Belicoso Maduro $50.00

For the perfect cigar to enjoy all winter long, we recommend the La Aurora 107 Belicoso Maduro. Flavours of chocolate, leather and sweat plum bring a sense of cozy plushness. And despite its richness, its medium-bodied palate remains balanced and smooth.


Pair it with wine

In the summer, you may pair your cigar with refreshing drinks like tequila or beer. But in the winter, a bottle of red wine may be more apt. To keep warm during colder days, we recommend going for a good port with spicy and syrupy flavours.

Our Recommendation: Penfolds Grandfather Tawny Port $89.99

This vintage port is a blend of individually aged wine, with a final average blended age of 20 years. The resulting product is a mix of raisins, fruitcake, liquorice and roasted walnuts. Alternate these heartwarming flavours with your favourite cigar for best results.

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