Your Guide to the Correct Smoking Etiquette

Cigars are enjoyed by people the world over: from glitzy black tie celebrations to street corner cafes, people from all walks of life enjoy the smoke a fine cigar. Of course, you can smoke a cigar however you like, but we here at Alexanders have put together a little guide to traditional smoking etiquette. This guide is designed to help you smoke the cigar properly, so that it doesn’t unravel or light poorly, or do anything else that will ultimately ruin the enjoyment of the cigar. If you like you can take it on board for your next toast with a fine Cuban, Dominican, or whatever suits your tastes.

The method 

You begin by taking your well-sharpened, high quality cigar cutter and making a cut at the head, that is the part of the cigar you put between your lips. Ensure that you don’t cut too far down toward the branding, as doing so may result in the cigar unravelling and a ruined cigar/toast. Before lighting, check that the cut you have made in the head allows air to be pulled easily and if not, you may need a new cigar as it has been too tightly rolled. You can cut further down to allow more air to be pulled but this can often lead to the cigar unravelling.

Using a butane lighter, cedar spill, or cardboard match hold your cigar at a 45-degree angle and “toast” the tobacco with the tip of the flame – not the flame itself. This will ruin the tobacco as it needs to be dried out before it takes the full flame. Keep twisting the cigar, allowing it to take the tip until lit. Puff gently on the cigar until it can be enjoyed for all.

Of course, remember not to inhale the cigar, it has to be kept in the mouth for enjoying the flavour. Now you are ready to enjoy your fine cigar.

Ready to toast yours? 

Now that we have provided you with a little insight into the way to properly light a fine cigar, you are now ready to cut, toast, and enjoy yours. We have plenty of cigars available at Alexanders coming from the world’s finest manufacturers like Cohiba, Montecristo, and Upmann. Feel free to browse our range and find the type you would like to try your new-found technique on. 

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