Your Guide To Cigar Sizes & Smoke Times

The length of a cigar is always measured in inches or fractions of an inch, whereas its diameter is measured in ring gauges. This unit of measurement is unique to the cigar industry. There are a few different shapes and sizes that are pretty much standardised across the industry.

Double Corona

Double coronas are the largest of the standard sized cigars, coming in at 7 ½” x 50+. Taking over an hour to burn down, they are a great choice for an after-dinner smoke. Of the standard sizes, the double corona provides the roundest flavour and the coolest billow.


Next down the size list comes the Churchill, named after the famous politician, Winston Churchill, who favoured this shape of cigar. Commonly used to describe any large cigar, Churchill cigars are generally 7” x 47 in size and usually will take up to an hour to smoke.

Corona Gorda

Directly translating to “fat corona,” this cigar is 6” x 50 and is sometimes referred to as a Corona Extra or “Toro.” One of the most popular cigar sizes, this type can be enjoyed within the convenient and manageable period of 45 minutes, or drawn out to enjoy its complexity.


At 6 ½” x 42, this size of cigar has seen consistent popularity until recently, as it has been eclipsed by some of the larger-ringed cigars. With a similar burn time as the Corona Gorda, the complexity of flavours generally isn’t as well developed as it’s ring gauge is on the smaller side.


No, not the beer! The name was coined for cigars long before the beer hit the market. With a ring size the same as the Lonsdale, the Corona is a whole inch shorter at 5 ½” x 42. This is a slightly quicker smoke than your Corona Gorda or your Lonsdale, taking between 45 minutes and an hour.


The Robusto (or Rothschild) has been described as the perfect balance between time and taste, which is why it is one of the most popular sizes on the market. This 5” cigar with a ring gauge of 50 packs a punch of flavour with a cool heat that has a smoke time of over an hour.


Another popular shape in Europe and a standout from the 50s and 60s, this 6” x 38 cigar has been described as elegant and sleek. Burning at 30 to 45 minutes, the Pantela is ideal for your casual smoke.

Figurado Cigars

Figurado Cigars stray from the standard cylindrical shape. They are unique from the traditional rounded head and the straight sides. “Figurado” means “figured,” which is why this type of cigar can take different shapes. The different types are as follows:


With its pointed or “perfecto” head and foot, these cigars taper at each end. The tobacco is crafted primarily into the swollen centre of the cigar allowing the flavours to morph throughout the smoke. The smoke time of these cigars will depend entirely on the length.


The pyramid cigar has the same perfecto head as the Torpedo but the sides taper from a cylindrical foot. The shape gets its name as it looks like an elongated pyramid. Again, this shape’s burn time will depend on the length and ring gauge.


A Belicoso resembles a traditional cigar in shape with the major difference being its pointed cap. This cigar shape can be applied across lengths and ring gauges, so the burn time will vary.

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