Finding the Perfect Pair: Cigar and Drink Combinations to Try

It is always a special occasion when you take out one of your most prized cigars from the humidor, and is usually enjoyed on the most special of occasions itself. When enjoying a high-quality cigar for that right occasion, one of the best things to do is to pair it with the perfect drink. The strong, fragrant flavours of a well-aged liquor with the smoky richness of a full-bodied, well-crafted cigar is the taste of a rare elegance, but it must be done correctly in order to be properly enjoyed.

Read on to find out how to create the perfect pairing of smoke and drink.

It is simply a matter of taste 

Just as you use your sense of taste to define specific partnerships for food, as you would choose the right combination of cheese and wine, you use your taste to refine your idea of what drink matches well with your cigar. Cigar masters spend years honing their craft and defining the specific tastes of the cigar, and you too may have to spend some time developing the perfect taste to match your cigar enjoyment.

You may enjoy rum more than bourbon, but find that when smoking you prefer the dry and sweet flavours of a bourbon as a combination with the rich smoke of a cigar. It purely comes down to what libation you enjoy whilst enjoying a fine cigar.

You just have to keep trying out different combinations until you find the perfect pair. This being said, there are certain beverages that are commonly selected as being the preferred choice for cigar smoking. Liquors such as rye, single malt whisky, cognac, bourbon, rum, and port.

The main thing, however, is not to allow an imbalance between the flavour of the drink and the cigar.

You should be matching light-bodied cigars with light-bodied beverages: such as blended whiskies and white wine. Medium-bodied cigars are the perfect match for beverages such as rum and Irish Whiskeys, and the strong stuff, well that goes well with harder drinks, like a heavy Highland single malt.

There you have it, a basic introduction to cigar and liquor pairing. It’s well and truly up to the taste of the beholder, or in this case, the enjoyer. Once you have found your perfect taste in cigar and drink pairing, you will be wanting to be opening the humidor and liquor cabinet for even the more general of occasions.

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