How Far Down You Should Smoke Your Cigar?

Many beginner cigar smokers wonder just how far down you should smoke your cigar. There is no ‘correct’ answer to this question as there isn’t some specific cigar-smoking formula. However, there are quite a few stereotypes and rather ridiculous ‘rules’ associated with this specific matter. You should be aware of them so that you know how to react to some of the comments that may come from the people around you.

Cigar ‘Etiquette’ You Really Don’t Have to Learn

Quite often, you may encounter people who seem to derive their ‘code’ of smoking a cigar from movies and cheap paperback novels. In such situations, you may hear that one should never smoke more than a half of a cigar.

This stipulation is nothing but ridiculous and a serious waste considering how much labour goes into creating every single cigar. A more common ‘rule’ states that one should only smoke until the remaining part is three fingers-wide. This kind of regulation doesn’t seem to be any more logical considering the difference in size of people’s fingers.

Cigar Smoking Rules Worth Memorising

As long as you aren’t listening to arbitrary opinions regarding some mystical guidelines that all cigar smokers must meet, you can ensure your experience is enjoyable to the fullest by listening to logic. It’s essential to understand that no one can dictate to you just how far down you should smoke your cigar. This completely depends on your personal opinion and comfort.

Cigars are extremely different, so you may need to adjust your personal rules to the specifics of the brand. The most important matter that can really influence how far a cigar can burn is the heat. There are some types of cigars that heat up a lot while you are smoking. If you have one like this, you might NEED to stop halfway through simply because it starts burning your fingers and lips. Note that the problem of overheating can be remedied by using specialised cigar tools to hold the nub while you are finishing it.

There is also a variety of cigars that start tasting differently when you get closer to the end. This may be caused by many different reasons, but if the flavour is unpleasant, this would be the time to put it out.

Aside from these two reasons, nothing should determine when exactly you should drop your cigar, so feel free to enjoy it for as long as you want. Remember, no one would be making cigar saving tools if they weren’t meant to be savoured till the very end.

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