El Viaje Del Cigarro: The Voyage for the Perfect Cigar

There is a reason why the first part of the above title is written in Spanish: if you want to go on a cigar lovers pilgrimage, you are most-likely going to find yourself in doing loops around Central America and the Caribbean. Yes, those balmy tropical climates create the perfect soil for the world’s most refined tobacco. In fact, tobacco was first introduced to mainland Europe when Christopher Columbus returned from Hispaniola, the island that today consists of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. And, of course, the Cubans are known worldwide for producing some of the world’s most beloved, handmade cigars.

Read on to find out more about three of the places you absolutely must visit as a cigar lover.

Dominican Republic: the world’s best (move over Cuba) 

The Dominican Republic is a land of colonial opulence, majestic mountain landscapes, and sundrenched tropical beaches. However, you may not know that they are home to the some of the most respected and enjoyed cigar brands by connoisseurs worldwide. In a recent list compiled asking cigar masters about their favourite choice in cigars, the Dominican Republic came in at the top, with La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull coming at number one.

Whilst the common conception is that the world’s best cigars come from just across the Caribbean in Cuba (and hey, of course it all comes down to one’s subjective taste) many believe that it is true: the best cigars available are from their lesser-known neighbour in the DR.

Nicaragua: the cigar-lover’s dream 

Picture this, in front of you is a most visceral of sunsets above rolling waves, behind you, dense tropical forests, leading up to a volcano, with palm trees over hanging white sands, and you are situated in an open air straw bar, drinking some of the finest Caribbean rum, and puffing on a beautiful Nicaraguan cigar.

Some of the world’s finest tobacco is grown in the lush fields of this central American paradise, and if you are planning a cigar-smoking voyage to the region, Nicaragua is a must do.

The granddaddy of cigar havens: Cuba 

Okay, so maybe we were a bit harsh on Cuba just now, with saying that the Dominican Republic has the world’s best. Of course, this blog is in the opinion of its subjective writer, and many people will still look to Cuba as being the mecca of stogie enjoyment. And you wouldn’t blame them, either. With an awesome selection of bars and lounges to enjoy fabulous cocktails and rich, local cigars, Cuba rightfully still holds its place in many people’s eyes as the world’s go to for cigar smoking.

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