Class and History Combined: The Hype About Cuban Cigars

When people think of the elegance associated with smoking a fine cigar, one word, one country comes to mind: Cuba. Once we connotate the name of the Caribbean nation with enjoying fine cigar our minds wander to palm lined beaches with a rum in hand, horn bands playing at every street corner, and the late Fidel Castro at his desk enjoying a delicious Cohiba.

Yes, we associate a fine tobacco wrapped in leaf with The Pearl of the Antilles, but there is a reason for this, aside from just being thoroughly enjoyed by El Commandante.

The history and quality of the Cuban 

The history of the cigar within Cuba stretches a long, long way back. When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492 he encountered the native Tainos, enjoying tobacco smoke. He and his crew took it on board and back to Europe, where merchants and sailors began selling the leaf for, of course, smoking purposes. As the tropical climate of the Caribbean is highly suitable for growing tobacco, over the years Cuba soon became renowned for its high-quality produce, and torcedores (cigar rollers) soon prospered of the outstanding Cuban tobacco.

These torcedores also initiated using different parts of the tobacco leaf to create the cigar, with the filling, wrapper, and binding all being grown in different parts of the country and all being grown to suit its purpose. There is a grand tradition of creating quality cigars in Cuba, due to its continued prosperity and tradition as an enjoyed pastime within the island nation.

Castro loved a cigar

When Castro came into power after the Cuban Revolution, the tobacco industry continued to grow in the nation. This was largely due to Castro’s love for a fine cigar, Cohiba being his make of choice. Despite many manufacturers making the move to their island neighbour of the Dominican Republic, the popularity of Cuban cigars continued to grow. They become something of an elusive fantasy, something rich and rare that was hard to obtain in the western world.

Even before implementing the trade embargo on Cuba, US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy famously had his assistant run out and procure a gigantic supply of Upmanns – Kennedy’s favourite Cuban. Perhaps this is why we muse over the Cuban today: they had become something so unattainable, but something known to provide utmost levels of enjoyment.

You can get them here 

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