Cigar’s Cocktail Parties: Grab a Chance to Enjoy Yourself

Do you love your cigars or have you just started to discover the joys of smoking luxurious tobacco blends? In either case, Cigar’s Cocktail Parties are a great place to visit in order to enjoy an evening in the company of likeminded individuals.

As they are cocktail parties, you would definitely have some fun as well as get a chance to show off by meeting the set dress code. Cigar’s parties are held every two months, so everyone gets enough leeway to plan ahead for the night. You can also be perfectly sure that you won’t grow bored with this particular event because it always offers something exciting.

The cigar flavour of the night changes every time, which allows you to discover a new flavour and share your opinion regarding it with people in the same situation. If nothing else, this makes a good topic to start a conversation. In addition, Cigar’s Cocktail Parties are never held at the same venue twice, so you also get to enjoy visiting new places.

Note that Cigar’s parties are ticketed events. Therefore, you should book your tickets in advance as there might not be a free spot left if you leave it too long.

Basic Cigar Party Etiquette

Smoking a cigar is a deeply sensual experience and people have their own unique way to enjoy it. Experienced smokers often have their special personal rituals and tricks that they might share. However, there are some basic etiquette rules for these types of events that everyone should learn beforehand.

First of all, you really need to mind your ash. A high-quality cigar can burn down for about 2-3 inches before falling ashes become an issue. Once it does, use the ashtray so as not to inconvenience your companions or damage linens and clothes.

The unstated rule for this kind of event is to ‘keep it classy’. This entails appropriate dress, best manners, and intelligent discussion. Cigar’s parties are a place to meet new interesting people or just to enjoy yourself in the company of friends. You should respect all other attendees and keep both your movements and conversation mild. The former is necessary so that you don’t burn someone with your cigar by accident. A hushed conversation will not disrupt surrounding discussions and will ensure that the level of noise at the party doesn’t get too uncomfortable. Smoking a cigar is a relaxing activity first and foremost. Therefore, you should do your best to ensure that you don’t ruin the comfort of people who surround you, and they will reply with the same courtesy.

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