Cigar101: Tips on Lighting Your First Cigar

After you’ve chosen the right cigar and have mastered the art of cutting it, it’s time to light it up! Lighting up a cigar can be quite tricky, especially if it is your first time smoking a cigar. If you’re a cigarette smoker, you will notice that cigars are different in the way that they are more tightly wrapped. In being more tightly wrapped, you will find that you will need to provide more precision and technique so that you can correctly light up your cigar without any issues. To discover simple tips on how to easily light up your cigar, read on.


Aim to use an odourless flame when lighting up – Odours from candles or petrol lighters may negatively affect the taste of your cigar. To avoid odd flavours coming from your cigar, use a match or a butane lighter.

Take your time – What you want to avoid is a partial lighting of your cigar. To evenly distribute the cigar burn, you ought to be thorough and patient. Feeling rushed will lead your cigar to burn unevenly and administer an unwanted tilt in your cigar burn. To recover from an angled cigar burn, read this.

Pretend your cigar is a marshmallow – Just like when you are toasting up a marshmallow, light up your cigar by keeping it raised, just above the flame! Aim to have your cigar almost touching the flame, but not quite coming into direct contact. Rotate your cigar around so that you can make sure that there is an equal heat distribution.

If needed, relight your cigar – It’s not uncommon for cigars to go out, especially if you’ve already gone over the half-way mark. If your cigar goes out, don’t be afraid to relight your cigar! While relighting, rotate and puff until your cigar has come back from the dark.


Once you have successfully lit up your cigar, it’s time to reward yourself and embrace all the pleasures and flavours that your cigar has to offer!


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