Cigar Smoking Tricks That Will Impress

As we have already discovered, smoking a cigar is a fine art and requires a lot of practice and exploration. Once you uncover which smoking technique works best for you, you can further enhance your cigar smoking skills by mastering a range of cigar smoking tricks. These cigar smoking tricks are not for the weak and will entail some time to practice and refine. When you master the below stunts, your smoking buddies will marvel at your smoking abilities and you’ll be recognised as a true cigar aficionado. Ready to see whether you’ve got what it takes? Read on!


Magical Cigar Ash
With this trick, you will give the illusion of magical cigar ash that burns down but never drops. To put this trick into play, all you’ll need to attain is a piece of wire that is free from any flammable materials, such as paint. Most people will find that a plain paperclip does the job! Once you’ve sorted a wire to use for the trick, straighten it and carefully insert it through one end of your cigar, without it showing through to the other end. The wire will establish an invisible foundation for your ash to magically stick to as you smoke your cigar.


Smoke Rings
While smoke rings are one of the oldest tricks in the book, they are one of the toughest tricks to master. Smoke rings are incredibly hard to perfect but are truly worth the time and effort to learn because of how cool and effortless they can look. In order to properly establish this trick, you need to remember that the power lies within your tongue. After you’ve drawn in some smoke, focus on your jaw and throat to push out the smoke, in a similar fashion to a cough, and use your tongue and mouth to formulate an ‘o’ shape.


Standing on Ash
Not all cigars will allow for this, but for cigars that have firm ash, it is possible to stand your cigar upright on the ash. Try this out for yourself! Next time you smoke a cigar, and the cigar ash looks firm and has a flat base, try to stand up your cigar! This trick will require some practice but will impress your stogie buddies.


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