Cigar Lounges in Australia

Cigar lounges offer you a warm space where you can enjoy your cigar and pair it with a drink while you are out with your friends. There is a vast range of cigar lounges across Australia that are worth experiencing. If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, these are the cigar lounges that you should try to visit.


Blue Diamond
– Blue Diamond is a cigar and cocktail bar that is perched up on a 15th floor penthouse. Take in a breathtaking view of the Melbourne CBD while being surrounded by beautiful art-deco stylings and décor. Blue Diamond hosts clubbing events every Saturday night where doors close at 5AM.
Risk Bar – Located in Oakleigh, Risk Bar is a favourite amongst the cigar enthusiast community in Melbourne. If you ever find yourself in the area, make some time to relax, enjoy a cigar and try out one of their signature cocktails! Click here to discover more about our favourite cigar lounges in Melbourne.


Cohibar – At Cohibar, you are met with stunning panoramic views of Sydney’s Darling Harbour. The venue has a 24-hour license and can cater for small groups and larger gatherings. Cigar pairings are also on the menu if you are looking to match drinks to your cigar of choice.
Hemmesphere – Imagine drinking a rare whiskey while smoking your favourite cigar in the silence of dimly lit room. That’s what you’ll experience at Hemmesphere. If you’re after a meal, indulge in their specialty selection of gourmet Japanese-inspired dishes.


The Junk Bar – A popular spot for Brisbane creatives, the Junk Bar is a warm and glamourous space to smoke your cigars. The Junk Bar’s interior is inspired by the roaring 20’s and the atmosphere will make you feel great like Gatsby.


Fumo Blu – If you’re in Adelaide and looking to smoke your cigar in a sleek and cool environment, wander into Fumo Blu. This venue is stocked with the most premium spirits and is fitted with an impressive aquarium and calming atmosphere that will surely make you want to come back again.
Hains & Co – This nautical themed bar is a fun escape where you can have your cigars alongside a citrus martini or some spicy rum. Their friendly staff can help you make sure that your drink and cigar pairing are perfectly matched, so that you can get the best of both worlds.


Devlin’s – One of Perth’s most known cigar lounges, Devlin’s offer cigar smokers a friendly space where cigar connoisseurs are invited to smoke and network. At their Subiaco location, cigar smokers can have access to their own private cigar locker to store any cigars onsite.

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