Cigar Etiquette: Perfect Your Smoking Technique

In learning the art of smoking a cigar like a pro, it may take you a while to find your feet. From learning how to choose the right cigar, to knowing how to successfully touch up your cigar, Mr. Cigarman is here to guide you on your way to becoming the cigar aficionado that you envision. To help you look like a proper cigar connoisseur, read on to discover Mr. Cigarman’s secrets in perfecting your smoking technique.


Choose the right cigar for you

The right cigar for you will entirely depend on your personal preferences with how long you want your smoking experience to last for, your previous cigar experiences and your preferred choice in flavours. For some detailed tips to help you choose the right cigar, click here.


Make sure that you use a high-quality cigar cutter

When cutting your cigar, it is important that your cigar cutter can make a clean cut, whilst keeping your cigar intact. There are different sorts of cigar cutters to consider and using the right cutter will entirely depend upon your specific cigar. Click here to find out more about the different types of cigar cutters and their detailed advantages.


Master how to successfully touch up your cigar

When you notice a tilt in your cigar burn, you’ll need to touch up your cigar. Touching up your cigar isn’t very difficult after a few practices. It involves sculpting your cigar burn through heat from a lighter or match. Read this to find out how you can successfully touch up your cigar.


Don’t make smoking a cigar a chore

Cigar smoking is a fun way for you to privately relax at the end of a busy day at work, or it may be a way for you to socialise with your friends on the weekends. Whatever your smoking occasion may be, be sure that you don’t overthink the experience and remember to pause and take the time to enjoy your cigar. If you feel as though you’ve ‘done something wrong’ with your current smoking technique, the best thing to do is to continue trying to learn and establish a technique that works best for you and makes you comfortable. Take the time to remember that learning how to perfect your smoking technique is not a race and that you will learn what works for you in time.


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