Cigar and Coffee Pairings

Cigars have long been associated with alcoholic beverages when it comes to pairings, rarely coffee. But its similarities to coffee in both depth of taste and earthy flavours can lay the foundations for an even more satisfying combination.

Like cigars, coffees are agricultural products grown from the ground. The beans are flavoured by the soil, the environment, and the process through which it is produced. This brings a plethora of flavours that can range from fruity to nutty and sweet to acidic. Much like cigars, the flavours of coffee are ever-changing and almost never stagnant.

This makes for pairings that are living, complex and truly mesmerizing.

Like other pairings, good cigar and coffee pairings vary according to taste. But we are here to give you some guidance on where to begin, starting with the best of the famous Melbourne coffee scene – featuring blends from Padre, Madamimadam, St. Ali and Seven Seeds.

Padre Lucky Espresso Blend with Vegas Robaina Unicos

Born in Brunswick, Padre is a coffee roastery that has been known for staying true to small-batch and skillful roasting. Their Lucky espresso is a testament to this dedication. This Guatemalan and Brazilian blend naturally gives a robust profile of vanilla, milk chocolate and hazelnut praline. Its creaminess is cut slightly by a hint of citrus.

Add some milk in this espresso and pair it with the Vegas Robaina Unicos, an earthy cigar with coffee and mocha flavours. The cigar will bring spiciness to the combination, while the coffee counteracts this with its own subtle fruitiness. All is then rounded out by the smooth texture coming from both.

St. Ali Single Origin Buenos Aires Java with Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Depute

This single-origin blend from the famed St. Ali is created through a fully natural process. This yields an unusually light and fruity coffee full of pink lemonade and Darjeeling.

For pairing with such a light-bodied blend, a heavy cigar simply will not do. The Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute is a great choice, being a small, compact cigar that doesn’t compromise on its complexity. With woody, floral, sweet and spicy notes laced throughout, this cigar offers a lot within its small body. The fruitiness of the coffee allows you to notice all the complexity and layers within the cigar. Plus, the sustained creaminess of the cigar can elevate the floral notes from the coffee even further.

Madamimadam Madam Reviver with Casa Turrent 1942 Robusto

The Madam Reviver blend from Madamimadam is rich and bold, with expected notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and almonds brightened by a hint of fruit. Within all that is a lingering spiciness that can be highlighted by the Casa Turrent 1942 Robusto.

This premium Mexican cigar has a full, earthy core that reveals spicy notes like white pepper, cedar, and licorice when enjoyed. Considered a masterpiece from the famed Turrent family, this cigar can certainly delight on its own. But with core notes that blend so well with coffee, it can especially bring attention to the subtle notes of fruit within the coffee through its spiciness.

Seven Seeds Espresso Blend with Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe #2

Seven Seeds intentionally sources beans that offer clarity, acidity, and sweetness. So it makes sense that their house espresso blend is dominated by notes of cherry, chocolate, and hazelnut. This presents a delicate and floral espresso that is unique but will definitely please any coffee aficionado.

The Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe is a cigar with just as much elegance as well as a velvety, floral smoke. Its floral profile is smoothed by an abundance of cream, with faint spiciness from notes of pepper, nutmeg, and cedar. When paired with the Seven Seeds Espresso, you’ll get a pleasurable blend of plush and delicate flavours that is not too heavy, but just right.

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