Christmas Gifts for Cigar Lovers


In our opinion, nothing tells the gentleman in your life that you care about him more than a beautifully-crafted cigar case for Christmas. 

A highly-personal and luxurious gift, thoughtful selection will allow you to find one that perfectly suits his style. From classically-styled leather cases to elegant and hardwearing carbon fibre, a quality cigar case will make a beautiful addition to a desk, smoking room or suite of travel accessories.  But if you’re going to choose a quality cigar case, there are other considerations beyond style. A cigar case is more than just a stylish Christmas gift, it is the first line of defence for his favourite indulgence.

So here a few other things to think about before you invest.


The simplest and most obvious choice is still frequently overlooked. Once upon a time there were just two sizes of cigar: minis and coronas. Most people had a clear preference so buying a cigar case was a simple matter.

These days, changing habits, driven largely by trends in the USA, have seen the extra-large toro cigar become increasingly popular. To protect the cigar and keep the tobacco fresh, the case should be as fitted as possible. But, if he likes his toro cigars, then the case will need to be large enough to accommodate them. Although a hard case is stronger, a soft case may be more flexible, allowing for a variety of sizes.

Hard vs Soft

As we mentioned, a soft case is more forgiving of differences in size however they can only be used for short periods. A soft case will keep a cigar safe and fresh overnight but, for a longer period, like a multiday business trip, a hard case will be a better bet.

If you’re away from your humidor, a hard cigar case will help extend the life of your cigar, preventing the cigar from drying out and losing its flavour, at least for a day or two. Extra lining allows for some humidity control, whilst providing additional protection against breakage or damage.

A high-end extension of the hard case is the travel humidor case, which also accommodates multiple cigars, a cutter and a lighter. In the end, the only thing that will really protect a cigar from going stale during longer trips is a travel-size humidor. Perhaps he travels away from home for multiple days and entertains business associates? If so, a case that can protect multiple cigars may be the perfect Christmas gift.

Brand and Quality

In our opinion, brand is less important than function. On the other hand, what is critical in choosing a Christmas cigar case that will be used throughout the year and for many years to come, is selecting for quality. The case will be in direct contact with the cigars and cheap materials will impact flavour. Imagine pulling out your favourite smoke only to find that you can taste cheap wood glue. What a waste!

If that all sounds like a lot to worry about, why not come into the store and ask our friendly staff for assistance? We’re passionate about this stuff and love helping people get the most out of their equipment.

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