How to Care for Cigars Like a Pro: Stacking, Restoring, Rotating

In order to enjoy your high-quality cigars, you must learn how to store and care for them properly. Without this, you won’t be able to derive all the pleasure from the experience that a good product is able to provide. The mechanics of caring for cigars are fairly simple and boil down to three practices, stacking, rotating, and restoring dried pieces.

How to Stack Your Cigars

Cigars are stacked one on top the other when they are in original boxes. Of course, it’s natural to assume that they should always be stored this way. However, practiced smokers claim that it would be best to arrange your cigars in rows where the subsequent one places a cigar in the cleft between the two underneath. Do this when you transfer cigars into your humidor and pros say that you’ll notice the difference. The ‘trick’ of this technique lies in the airflow as this type of stacking allows for more air movement. Note that this stacking method also means that the second row would have 2 less cigars. You also need to remember not to stack your humidor so full you need to pry the cigars out as this will reduce the efficiency of the device.

Rotating Cigars for Increasing Their Lifespan

Rotating your cigars once they are in the humidor isn’t really necessary. The lifespan of a cigar is increased simply by being inside the special box that allows it to retain a proper level of moisture. However, professionals and experienced smokers seems to agree that this is a vital practice for maintaining the quality of a cigar. Without regular rotations, the pieces would have varied levels of moisture throughout them. Rotating is very simple, you just need to move the cigars from the bottom layer to the top. In essence, the pattern of the placement doesn’t matter as long as the cigar has been moved to a different place.

Tips for Restoring Dry Cigars

Sometimes, even the best humidor may fail or some other problem occurs that results in your cigars drying out. Don’t be hasty to throw them away as some careful handling might help you restore them.

To do this, you’ll need a very good humidor with a gold seal. Bear in mind that you mustn’t up the humidity right away, as this will ruin the tobacco completely. Instead, you need to increase the flow of humid air slowly. You also need to consider the type of a cigar as some varieties of wrappers take longer to absorb moisture. It may also be impossible to restore a completely dry cigar.

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