Can You Smoke Your Cigar Stub?

It’s true that there aren’t any hard rules regarding methods in effectively smoking your cigar. When it comes to smoking your cigar stub, some cigar smokers will look at you and cringe, whilst others will wholeheartedly encourage you to make the effort in smoking your cigar stubs. Cigar connoisseurs will either choose to abandon their cigar way before reaching the cigar stub, whilst other cigar aficionados will smoke cigars in their entirety. Find out if smoking your cigar’s stub is something that you ought to be doing.


The case for NOT smoking your cigar stub

If you are not enjoying the cigar you are smoking, then it is not advised to smoke your cigar stub. In smoking the last bit of your cigar, you will find that the cigar’s flavour will be highly concentrated. If you are sensitive to intense cigar tastes, it is recommended that you do not smoke your cigar stub, as you may feel ill and have an undesirable smoking experience.

Likewise, if you are just starting to smoke cigars, it may be a good idea to not smoke your cigar’s stub upon your initial smoking attempts. Feeling as if you must smoke your cigar stub out of obligation may make you have a negative smoking experience, due to being overwhelmed from the intense flavours in a cigar’s last third.


Why you SHOULD smoke your cigar stub

By contrast, if you enjoy all the flavours, tastes and aromas of your current cigar, you should try to smoke your cigar stub. Why would you pre-emptively finish something enjoyable when you don’t have to? To avoid burning your fingertips when trying to smoke the stub, some cigar smokers will use a toothpick to aid them in finishing off their smoke.

Another simple method to successfully smoking your cigar stub is to place the stub remnants into a smoking pipe and smoke it through the pipe. Smoking your cigar stub in a pipe will give you the benefit of enjoying your stub without potentially burning your hands.


Conclusion – To answer the question of whether you should smoke your cigar stub, you must consider whether you are enjoying your current cigar. If you love the flavour of your current smoke and want to retain the taste, by all means you should make an attempt to smoke your cigar stub.


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