A Guide To Hosting Your Own Cigar Party

To host a cigar party that your fellow cigar-smoking friends will enjoy, there are multiple experiences and planning preparations to consider. Read this guide to help you plan for an unforgettable cigar party that your cigar-smoking friends will love and enjoy.


Consider implementing a theme to your cigar party
Planning your cigar party around a theme is a creative way to get your guests involved and engaged with your event. There are endless theme possibilities that you could adopt such as a Casino Royale / James Bond theme, a sporting theme or even a Cuban theme. If choosing a Casino Royale theme, invite your guests to arrive in their best suit and tie and set up a gambling table where attendees can play a game of black jack. You could even raise the stakes and invite your guests to bet on their favourite cigars and cigar accessories.


Whether you plan on organising your cigar party as ‘BYO cigars’ or are planning to invite your guests to smoke a box of cigars with you, it is of utter importance that you have some cigars available at your party. For a superior cigar smoking experience that is full of flavour and long-lasting taste, we recommend that you explore the Arturo Fuente Opus X 20th Anniversary collection.


Nothing will kill the vibe of your cigar party more than not having the right tools around to light up your cigars. To avoid this, you must ensure that your guests have access to every tool that will enable them to truly enjoy their cigar-smoking experience at your party. In your party’s designated smoking area, let your guests have abundant access to matches, lighters, cigar cutters and ashtrays. Your cigar-smoking friends will love you for it!


Host cheese, whisky and scotch tastings
At the Alexanders 30th anniversary, we invited event attendees to sample various whiskies and different sorts of cheese from around the globe. These tastings were a fantastic way to break the ice amongst guests and offered a warm means for attendees to introduce themselves to one another. To discover the reasons why pairing your cigar with a drink is an excellent practice, click here.


Whilst cheese, whisky and scotch tastings are fun and offer a means for your cigar-loving guests to introduce themselves to one another, it is also a good idea to organise catering services. When organising your party’s catering, why not consider planning your meals around different cigar tastes? For some inspiration, read Mr. Cigarman’s guide on flavour matching cigars for Christmas.

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